HDR resorting back to 576P


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Having a strange problem recently and i can't put my finger on whether it's the custom firmware, my AV receiver or some other weired problem.

I originally had my box set at 1080P and all has been well for the last year or so, i am sure was set the resolution in one of the menu's however now it has resorted to 576P and the guide looks really poor quality.

i have tried pressing the "vformat" button on the remote but it just says 576P across the top and i can't see the setting to change in any of the menus.

it it just me? am i going mad in my old age :)


not just you.
I've had this happen repeatedly but I had put it down to switching my HDMI sources (I use 1 monitor to display 3 PC's + a humax when its plugged in)
Sometimes I've powered up and the monitor is warning me that input is not at optimal specs - after scratching my head and unplugging things
I discovered it was definately the output of the Humax changing to 576i instead of my normal full HD.

To get it back requires repeated pressing the V-format button on the remote and then its ok for quite a while. Perhaps a few days.
I recently upgraded from 1.12 to the new 1.5 and I THINK it was happening with both - so maybe its mod/app related?
Perhaps I need to keep a log ... I had 3 failed FTP transfers again today (while recording HD) I'm now convince the box is close to its loading limits
when certain things are being done.

As a trial, I had 3 write and 2 read HiDef streams running all at once no bother, but adding some delete operations caused corruption. Something that has not been mentioned so far is how well the multi-tasking gets shared out by the Humax OS. I'm no expert, but I guess Humax have optimised the time slicing in particular with regard to disk access to support the native processes. I don't know that much thought has gone into the real-time consequences of the additional processes or if they play nicely.

I wouldn't have expected them to have anything to do with HDMI resolution negotiation though.
I now get exactly this problem but it was definitely a consequence of me putting an HDMI matrix between the humax and the TV. I just accept that I have to press the vformat button 7 times to cycle back to 1080p
OK. So now I do not want to just accept a repeated pressing of vformat to get back to 1080p. Is there any chance a quik package could be created for the custom firmware to force output to 1080p at all times?