HDR reverted to default settings


My first post - sorry it's a problem.
I installed the custom firmware about a week ago just for the ability to disable otas and retunes, and to adjust the display.
Everything was fine until this morning when I switched on and the display was back to default.
I can't access the box through the browser.
Is there anything I could try before reflashing the firmware?
I'm on 1.02.29 and CF2.12.
When you say the display was back to default, are you saying that the front (orange) display no longer displayes CUST 2.12 when switching on from standby?. An OTA could revert your Humax back to standard firmware but in your case this has not happened because there are no OTAs being transmitted at present and also if you had 1.02.29 installed last week there is no OTA that would replace it anyway. You could try the Humax HDD test in the Storage Menu
Thanks for replying.
No, I meant the display has dropped the settings I applied, it still says CUST FW2.12 at start-up.

I've just had another look and tried my HD-FOX to see if I could access that and I could , but then, when trying to access the HDR I got "IP conflict"on my computer. I have both boxes on manual setting for IP address so I let the HDR set up an auto address and now I have access.
The box is recording at the moment so when that finishes I will try setting the display again.
I'll post later with the result and try the HDD test as well.
HDD tested ok.
I could not change Redring settings so I re-installed the package and all now seems ok.
I'm wondering if there could be implications for "disable 0ta" and "disable dso"? I will be away on 17th Oct.
If there is no obvious reason for the problem, would I be better off just re-installing the custom firmware?
O.K. I guess by ' display was back to default' you mean that redring was not acting on the display, if the re-installed redring Is now acting on the display as you want it, isn't everything back as you want it now? disable ota won't be doing anything until firmware above 1.02.29 is released, this won't be for months (if ever) so you can safely remove that in the short term. It is better to keep disable dso because the Humax may do a re-tune without it after the 17th. which will lose all your scheduled recording events. I'm not sure I would bother with re-installing the custom firmware unless the Humax is doing something unexpected, you could run fix-disk to check the HDD, which is part of the 2.12 Custom Firmware and is a better disk checker than the Humax one
Ezra, thank you, yes I understand what you are saying. I will leave it as it is then and see how it is after the 17th.