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HDR some 19.2 transponders missing

Discussion in 'FOXSAT-HDR Freesat Recorder' started by v12mike, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. v12mike

    v12mike New Member

    My antenna configuration is twin LNB on 28.2, one feed direct to tuner 2, the other through a disecq switch (port B) to tuner 1, with a single LNB on 19.2 into port A of the disecq switch.

    Manual tuning has been done, all freesat channels seem to be there, and most 19.2 channels. With Diablo2 CAM and TNTSAT card, all tuned TNTSAT SD channels clear OK.

    But.. some transponders on 19.2 show no signal, and a scan on those transponders finds no channels. e.g. 12522V. Other transponders of the same band and polarisation are OK.

    I know that the LNB and cabling is OK, because a Strong TNTSAT box decodes channels on that transponder, even with the Strong getting its signal from tuner 1 out of the hummy, but the hummy simultaneously shows 0 strength and 0 quality on the same transponder.

    Now I know that I could reconfigure my LNBs to a simpler configuration, do another factory reset etc, but is it likely to help? Is this likely to be an artifact of having different satellite configs on each tuner?
  2. grahamlthompson

    grahamlthompson Well-Known Member

    Long shot - using manual tune scroll to the blank transponder entry and add the missing transponder, save it to the database and scan it.
  3. v12mike

    v12mike New Member

    I tried that, but when you select the transponder, the strength and quality bars drop to 0, and a scan fails to find any channels.

    On the Strong, the strength and quality of that transponder are 75 and 89, which should be at least enough for the Humax to see something.

    Annoyingly transponder 12207V with TF1 HD (showing F1) is also missing.

    It would seem that the hummy is selecting the correct disecq input, the correct LNB band and polarisation, but either not listening at all or tuning to the wrong IF frequency.
  4. grahamlthompson

    grahamlthompson Well-Known Member

    That's very strange. How about trying 12521 and 12523 (clutching at straws). As you say if you can tune on tuner 1 out the box must be selecting 19.2E and sending the correct DC polarisation voltage and 22KHz tone. The HDR tuners are pretty sensitive (capable of getting solid reception from 2D in Spain where a Sky box gave up).
  5. Trev

    Trev The Dumb One

    Presumably we are talking about the Foxsat HDR?
    I have just done the same as you last week. You must have 28.2E into port 1 (A) of the DiseqC switch, and the switch connected (as you have it) to LNB1 on the HDR. If you do not do this then the Hummy cannot find 28E on LNB1 (as the DiseqC defaults to port 1) or the DiSqC switch on it's intial tune. You also must do a factory reset when you have all the connections made so that the hummy will find the DiSeqC switch and auto tune Freesat.. You will loose your sheduled events by doing this though.

    There's some stuff here (you have to scroll down a bit in IE9) and some other stuff here
    I'll have a look to se if I have got 12207V later when HWMBO has finished watching.

    Just had a check and I can't get 12207V or 12522V either 0/0. but for what it's worth, I get 12545H @100/100, 12552V @90/80, 12226H @90/100 and 122188H @90/90. But I thought that F1 was on RTL 5175 or thereabouts. I havnt actually tried it yet as I have only set up my dish etc. since the last race.
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  6. v12mike

    v12mike New Member

    I have now tried a few different dish/lnb combinations, and currently have 2 identical feeds with 28.2 on disecq A and 19.2 on disecq B.
    It does work just as well (incliuding Freesat dissection if 19.2 is on disecq A, it detects the switch and does the automatic Freesat tune on disecq B.

    On playing with it this morning, I noticed that for the missing transponders, the humax is pre-configured with incorrect modulation, symbol-rate and coding scheme, and by manually adding new transponder definitions with the correct parameters I can receive the missing channels.

    The Astra 1 transponders that I added (which do not include those which have no channels I can decode) are:

    11023 H 22000 5/6 S
    11171 H 22000 2/3 S2
    11362 H 22000 2/3 S2
    11627 V 22000 5/6 S
    12012 V 29700 2/3 S2
    12168 V 29700 2/3 S2
    12207 V 27500 2/3 S2
    12227 H 27500 3/4 S
    12441 V 29700 2/3 S2
    12522 V 22000 5/6 S
    12582 V 22000 5/6 S
    12670 V 22000 2/3 S2
    12728 V 22000 5/6 S
  7. Trev

    Trev The Dumb One

    Thanks for the list Mike. Printer at the ready and Hummy warming up. :=)
  8. v12mike

    v12mike New Member

    You might also try:
    10773 H 22000 3/4 S2 (Anixe HD)
    11361 H 22000 2/3 S2 (Arte HD)
    11612 H 22000 5/6 S (Astra 3D demo)
    I wonder if there are also missing transponders on 28.2?

    BTW, I am sure it will help someone to say that to add a transponder definition, you go the the manual tune page, select the transponder line, then scroll all the way to the right, and voila, the add transponder page pops up!

    Also note that on all the S2 transponders, the modulation should be 8-psk
  9. cyclic

    cyclic New Member

    When they produce a new software release do they upgrade the transponder list to be current and complete?
    If not do we have a route to persuade them so to do?
  10. v12mike

    v12mike New Member

    Current evidence would suggest not... at least for non-Freesat transponders.

    Does anyone know if the transponder lists are stored in a file so that they can be backed up and distributed?