HDr t2 network help

Can I clarify what you are trying to achieve; are you attempting to play content recorded on the Humax via the PC or are you attempting to play content on the Humax that is stored on a PC?
I have read it as the latter.
I'm gettin a bit nearer now , I have installed Seviio, and the humy box now sees a network.but no files! Even though I have done a complete install of the prog I can't see how to access any settings from my pc. Also i don't see the humax box in workgroup computers "Windows XP" Is it a good idea to install the samba software?
samba makes the HDR-FOX drive contents visible to the PC as a network drive, it does nothing to make the PC contents available to the HDR-FOX. The cifs package makes a Windows share available to the HDR-FOX as if it were a USB drive, and network-shares-automount (although a lot of reading) actually makes it very easy to set this up so that the PC is mounted any time it is turned on (when the Humax is awake of course).

If you want to stick with "really simple", then yes you need DLNA and the non-custom facilities of the HDR-FOX (DLNA was designed for "simple", but you still need to get it functioning on the PC). I suggest you do a Google for help with Serviio.

You have no need to "see" the Humax as a network entity from Windows, although you probably will if you enable content sharing Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = On. This enables the HDR-FOX DLNA server, so that a DLNA client (eg XBMC or VLC) on the PC can play the Humax content (StDef only, unless measures are taken).
Anon, just resarted my pc , I now have serviio control panel, It looks fairly logical so I will experiment and report back, again thanks
I am now able to see networked files via humy thanks. Very slow and hit and miss loading pictures probably the limitations of the wifi dongle?
I dont see specifically Samba firmware listed in updates list. "a bit confusing really" I have just checked my box spec
I am using FHTCP 1.02.29
ID 80bc 7E00
If you want to see all that is available, in the WebIF go to the Settings page and in the Advanced Settings box set "Show development and adnavced packages?" to "YES". Then return to the WebIF home page and click "Package Management" and click the button "Update package list from Internet" (this will not be instant).

The default "Installed" tab shows you what is currently installed (there will be quite a lot of packages you don't recognise if this is your first view of the advanced list). The "Upgrades" tab shows you the packages you have installed for which there are updates available, and you can update them all by clicking the "Upgrade all packages" button.

The "Available" tab shows you things you don't currently have, with install buttons. When you switch between tabs, allow the rendering to complete before switching to another tab or you may find the page crashes.

As far as I can see you don't need samba, unless you want to explore the HDR-FOX drive contents in Windows File Explorer.
As far as I can see you don't need samba, unless you want to explore the HDR-FOX drive contents in Windows File Explorer.
That would be right - the cifs package gives the client package, allowing you to see Windows SMB or Linux SAMBA shares, while the samba package gives the server, allowing access to the HDR HDD via SMB
Hi I have now got my box doing what I want for the moment, I would guess I need a wired network to get the best from it . Thanks for help from a great forum