HDR-T2 with version 1.02.29- seems wrong and needs change?


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My HDR has version 1.02.29 but I believe that this is actually a version for the HD ??

Please: What Is the latest version that I can use? It appears from this site that latest version is 1.03.06

Can I / should I simply install the 1.03.06 version (in place of the 1.02.29 one)

(Using the install the procedure from this site)

Thanks for your help


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1.02.29 was released in both HD and HDR versions. If the unit is working OK it will be the right one. You can tell by looking in the Settings>system>system information menu on the Humax: the version no. is prefixed with a 5 letter code; FHTCP for the HDR and KZTFT for the HD. The latest official HDR firmware is 1.02.32 but 1.03.06 is also available in standard and customised versions, though this is not an official release as such. 1.03.06 has the new BBC iPlayer version. Downloads etc. are available here: http://wiki.hummy.tv/wiki/Firmware_Downloads