HDR1000s - no sound when watching on-demand


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Hi - hope someone can advise...!

I have just installed a new Humax HDR1000s (1TB) system in place of a Sky HD+. I've connected it exactly the same way as that box was - HDMI into a Panasonic SoundBar Amp then HDMI onto the TV (a Panasonic HDTV). I've not connected the optical output to the amp.

Have gigabit Ethernet connecting to 13Mb broadband service. Excellent satellite signals.

Because I have a reasonably good sound-bar system with 3.1 setup, I want to have multi-channel sound as I enjoyed with the Sky HD+ system. I've set the Digital Audio Output setting to Multi-Channel and all seems fine with live and recorded TV. (I've connected the systems this way to take advantage of the Viera link system to turn on / off the sound-system automatically)

If I select a programme from a day or so ago that launches the BBC iPlayer, or I go directly to 4OD, ITV Player or even YouTube, I get a picture but no sound! If I change the Digital Audio Output to stereo, I do get sound !!

What's going on - this is not a viable way forward, i dont want to have to faff about switching sound output if I choose to watch on-demand. Nor do i want to leave the sound setting to stereo as this removes the surround sound effects - I might as well use my TV speakers!

Any ideas? Is this a known 'feature'?

I have my box connected via optical to an av amp with multichannel out and have none of your problems. I suggest the problem may be with your soundbar, Steve.
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