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My Hummy is many years old and still working well BUT I think the picture quality, when recording High Definition programmes, is not comparable with the original broadcast. Can this be rectified?


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What model Humax do you have? the PVR 9200 does not record High Definition programmes.
Good point. I'm comparing results on Humax with Panasonic HD receiver. Rwesponses answer my query: Humax does not (yet?) record HD. Upgrade or new purchase?


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You can record HD programmes with the Humax HDR-FOX T2 recorder, or the HD-FOX T2 receiver together with an external HDD.


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Humax does not (yet?) record HD. Upgrade or new purchase?
You can't upgrade a 9200 for HD as it requires different hardware. I can highly recommend the HDR-FOX T2 which does everything the 9200 does (almost) and usually somewhat better plus additional functionality and greater reliability in making recordings.