Hello and thanks for the CFW

Matthew M

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Hello Everyone,

I've been using the custom firmware for several years. I installed it as soon as I got my HDR-Fox-T2 and very happy with all your efforts. I've not used my DVR a huge amount, but that is set to change.

Many thanks to all those involved with the Custom Firmware and packages. :) It adds much needed and really useful features. I am very pleased with my device, and a great deal of that is for all your efforts.

I hope those involved will be able to continue their hard work with other devices in the future. I understand it's a difficult time to be purchasing a new device, from what I have been reading on the forum. I hope this will eventually settle down in time and we will get back the quality we have currently with the HDR-Fox-T2.

I'm pleased I've not overused my device, and *touch wood* I'll get at least a few more years out of it yet. :)

Sods law, now I've said that though...it'll fail tomorrow. ;)

I work in I.T. myself and will be writing some more technical / research topics in the near future. I'll post the links in here when I've done so.

I'm Matthew, 30 living in the UK.

Hopefully I will be able to offer some technical help in my time on the forum. Not really had the need to register due to the resources you have made.

Kind Regards,


P.S. Pleased to see you're using Xenforo. I'm a big Vbulletin fan! Even though it has new ownership! Still somewhat resentful of that situation. You have good taste in software though.