Hello I'm A New One..Olympics HDR Fox Humax Yippe!!!

Greetings bought myself a Birthday present for myself and it arrived this morning, a Humax HDR Fox. So pleased with it set up was easy and the reception I get now is amazing HD Olympics looks OUTSTANDING. Now I'm just moving loads of movies to my internal HD from a 1TB USB Desktop drive and going to use that as the recording hard disk ( It says it will take about 3 hours D: :( ). Should I use the Humax to format the drive or some other ext3 software?

Ezra Pound

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Hi, the Humax will format your extrnal HDD as long as it's no bigger than 1TB, but you won't be able to record directly to it. The HDR will only record to the internal HDD, however you can move files to the external HDD and then play them from there

Jim Field

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Thanks for the tip, if I unplug the 1TB drive and attach it to my laptop can I watch the recordings using Mediaplayer Classic. I heard that HD recordings are encrypted but what about standard definition? Sorry I'm all new to PVR's my dad has a really old basic one still scart imagine huh :)

Ezra Pound

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All content both SD and Hi-Def is encrypted on the internal Hard disk, however SD is de-crypted when copied to a USB drive so SD will play on a P.C. You can do the same trick with Hi-Def but you would have to use FOXY, or much a better solution is to install the Custom Firmware because you can then use many more decryption options


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This is a bit of a can of worms. If you plug an external hard disk into an unmodified Hummy, it will need to format it with ext3 in order to copy files to it. The disk will then not work when attached to your PC because Windows doesn't understand ext3 without extra drivers.

Also, Hummy files (after decryption) are a bit odd and not many media players handle them reliably. That includes MPC-HC. You will probably need to install the free Mirillis Splash Player Lite (or pay for the Pro version).

I suggest it might be a good idea to slow down and spend some time on this forum, particularly the Wiki and the many threads that summarise your options. The things you are wanting to do are exactly what most enthusiastic new owners want to do. There are right ways, wrong ways and better ways to share files between machines. If you don't do some preparatory reading, you will probably spend a lot of time going up blind alleys and you'll then have to start again and do it right. Start at the top of the HDR-Fox T2 forum.