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Hello-plus graded box's


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I think I've found the holy grail... I was after a HD recorder I could stream from and to and was looking around and found this fantastic forum. Back in the day I had a TiVo series 1 and loved to be able to tinker and add progs etc. I see there are a lot of clever people out there developing things for the hummy and that's what I'm after.
So, I'll take the jump and buy one, but just one question if I may. Humax have grade A T2 box's on their site. Anyone bought one direct from them, are they ok? There is a possibly £50 saving


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I doubt there is a reason to worry any more than a shop purchase. Plenty of shop purchases have had to be returned, but the warranty replacement experience has been pretty flawless from what I can make out. There is a risk you will receive a unit that somebody else has returned without it being fixed, but as long as you check it out thoroughly for a week without committing too much to it (or leaving it idle), you will be in no worse position.

I am trying to encourage a forum topic for people to list their returns serial numbers and what was wrong with them, so we can track that sort of thing.


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Thanks for the quick reply, I'll get on and order and contribute to the forum..already excited

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Best you don't modify BEFORE you check it out, just in case it breaks and you can't unmodify it!


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You can always flash the box back to an offical firmware if it turns out faulty.
And if the fault is that severe that you cant flash it because it wont switch on, they are not going to know until long after youve had a replacement.

Thats if they even check for mods of course lol i doubt it as they probably have a set routine of receiving the box back, flash it to the latest f/w, and then test it.