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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by barrykap, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. barrykap

    barrykap New Member

    Hi, I'm a long-term Humax user and three of my satboxes are Humax CI-8100's - yes quite ancient! But I also have the later models too including the Foxsat HDR. My problem is with the old CI-8100 models as I have over the years been adding S/H IDE drives to each one and filling them up with recordings. Now i have about a dozen HD's and wish now to try and copy the files onto my Windows 7 PC for possible playback/editing/archiving to DVD's,

    I can fit each drive to my PC via a USB 'caddy affair' and my PC recognises the drive is there, but refuses to read it. It is shown in Computer Management but as an 'unrecognised drive' or something. I suspect this is because the file system is ext3 or maybe something else? I have downloaded Linux Reader and running that it shows the drive, but when I click on it, its says 'cannot read from drive' or something. So the question is, how do I copy the files from the hard disks over to my PC.

    Many thanks if you can help,

  2. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    Welcome Barry, but be aware that posting a technical question in the Introductions forum might not come to the attention of relevant interested parties. However, that said, it appears the Gods need to create a new category "Other Humax Satellite Products"!

    It's anybody's guess what disk format a CI-8100 might be using, there are plenty to choose from or it might even be unique.
  3. barrykap

    barrykap New Member

    Hi Black Hole.

    Thanks for the welcome. That is precisely the problem I found when trying to find a suitable board to post this query in. There was nothing at all suitable so I assumed this section would suffice initially, thinking most people like to view the new members.

    I am positive though, a long time ago, someone on one of the old Humax forums (maybe long gone now) solved this same file-copying problem. But I didn't then need to utilise it for myself. So it's possible that it IS possible. :)

    If at all the new category board is introduced maybe you (or a mod) could copy this to the new board?

    Many thanks.