Help: DLNA Media Client on HD-FOX T2, Streaming From Mobile Device

Sy Moore

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Hi all.

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere but I did search and couldnt' find it anywhaere, only rather ambiguous information that was not specific to this question.

Please can you help me with the DLNA client side of things on the box.

I have a firmware modded HD-Fox T2 wired to my local network ADSL Wi-Fi Router and I am trying to stream music to it from my DLNA enabled HTC Sensation. In the past I have successfully streamed from the HTC to my Win 7 PC using my Wi-Fi network, without problem, so I know this works.
I have no issue's telnet'ing to the box from my HTC and can control the WEB interface on the box too.
However, when trying to stream content from my HTC I come unstuck. Is it a case of enabling Mediatomb (or other software) to broadcast as a DLNA client so my HTC can 'see' the box or am I missing the point somewhat.
Or could you point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.
You need a program running on your P.C. that acts as a DNLA server, There is a basic DNLA built into Windows Media Player, Setup with Library >> Media Sharing. For something more than a Basic DNLA server have a look HERE
Sorry, Having re-read your post you want to stream from your HTC (Phone) to the Humax not from Humax
In the past I have successfully streamed from the HTC to my Win 7 PC using my Wi-Fi network, without problem, so I know this works.

By DLNA or by mounting a file share? If it was by DLNA then it implies you have a server running. If not, as Ezra says, you need to enable a server on the HTC. XBMC does it for me.

Once you have that, the steps to take on the HDR-FOX are Media.. Storage (blue).. Network. Any DLNA server detected on the local network will then be listed (after a search).

Bear in mind that the Humax client has a bug which limits the playback to 4GB.
Everything in my last post (sorry) applies equally to HD-FOX and HDR-FOX.

Sy Moore:

I think you misunderstand what a DLNA client does. It allows you to play media files that are stored on a DLNA server device, from the server device. If does not store the files locally, indeed the HD-FOX has no storage available, so naturally the server device has to be switched on all the time you require playback.
Hmmm. Erm. OK, I'll try and explain a little better. Please don't take this the wrong way.
The above forum post explains peoples success with DLNA streaming to and from the HTC Sensation and other devices.

I have a HTC Sensation Smart Phone with a 32 Gb SD Card that holds my music, this device is a DLNA server (as such).
It can stream music to a DLNA Client (Tested with Win 7 PC) and also read music from a DLNA server (again Win 7 PC). For this I understand that I can use a whole host of programs on the PC as pointed out earlier.

I have a HD-FOX T2 with a WD Elements 750Gb external USB drive. The boxed is flashed with the latest firmware and is setup up as a PVR. It is connected to my Wi-Fi router and I have successfully FTP'd films to this HDD from PC and Phone.
I can Telnet control the box from my phone and login to the Webif
I want to keep my music on the Sensation, purely because it is easier to find music on a touch screen device (for me anyway).

Can the HD-FOX T2 be setup up as a DLNA Client/reciever that my phone can look for and stream music to?
Is this something that, with a bit of tweaking and coding with Mediatomb, we can achieve?

Thank you in advance for your replies.
Ok, I think you are into DLNA renderers, which can be sent commands from one device to fetch and play content from the same or a third device. Sorry, not available. The Humax implements a simple client/server model, where the client is in control and fetches content from the server to play.
A boo:(

I'll have a look around the sourceforge pages to see if there is anything of this ilk.

Thank you for your quick replies. If I find anything I'll be sure to let you guys know.

Speak soon.
The problem will be that we have no access to the Humax audio and video outputs. Even if you could find something to port into the custom software packages, there will be no means to get output.
I run a DLNA server on my 'phone (Airmusic) and my Humax can find the 'phone and stream music from it.

This is the other way round to what you describe; pull rather than push but streaming in the same direction. Is there a particular reason you don't want to initiate it from the Humax?
You should be able to stream from the phone but you will have to look for the phone on the Humax and play. Don't think you will be able to use the push functionality you sometimes see.
I use ArkMC application on my Samsung Galaxy. This app is not perfect, but it is still good. You can try free version if it suits for you.