help! How can I retrieve my recordings - the pvr has gone wrong!


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I am really upset as the other night while I was watching a timed recording I suddenly got a message on the TV that said 'TV will power off in 60 seconds' and then it began counting down. I turned off the TV and the Humax box - but when I tried again in the morning thePVR box would not come on properly. It brings up the channel name initially but then everything goes blank. I tried rebooting it with the power off/aerial out procedure but could not get the menu up on the TV screen at all. There also seems to be some problem with my TV connection via a Sky cable. The Humax helpline folks said that there is nothing I can do to retrieve the timed recordings I've saved. I am so desperate! Can one somehow find them again via a PC or something? Could someone tell me in laymans language how I might be able to do that? I have zero technical knowledge and even less expertise - but my top favourite shows are saved on that thing and I am totally devastated by the thought that they might have vanished...

There are normally ways to retrieve lost recordings.

Where abouts are you, as it may be easier if somebody who lives nearer you was to offer to help you?

Can you confirm the problem is with your Humax rather than your TV? Your comment that you also have a problem with your Sky connection implies that, if they both feed the same TV, the common product is the TV. Also your post refers to the "TV" powering off - not the Humax. I don't think I seen any post on any Humax-oriented Forum about a Humax Box sending such a message. (I am open to correction.)

Does your TV work using its own Tuner rather than an input from the Humax or Sky connection?
Does the Humax continue to display a TV Channel name when you power it up? Even after the TV screen goes blank?
Have you another TV to test the Humax with? Or another Device with a SCART
output to test the TV?
How is the Sky Connection created - via a aerial lead from a Sky Box?

Sorry for all the questions but these will help us with your problem.

I have also faced the same problem when i recorded my favorite movie but it lost,so decided to take technical help but no result after that i replaced the box.