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Ollie Clark

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I've downloaded and installed the custom firmware on my HDR-FOX T2 but I don't seem to be able to connect with telnet or the web interface. I can ping it from other computers on my network but just get no connection if I try going to it's IP address in a web browser or telnet. I can already stream programs to my Raspberry Pi running RaspBMC so I know it's on the network.

Any ideas?


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I know you have just installed it but it sounds like the custom firmware isn't installed.
The first thing to check is if you are getting a message from the custom firmware on the front panel when you bring the box out of full standby. The sequence should be START SYSTEM and then Cust FW 2.15.

Black Hole

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Check out post 2 in the CUSTOM FIRMWARE link in my signature panel (below) and confirm you have carried out all the necessary steps correctly.

(in case you are wondering, your topic has been relocated to the custom firmware section of the forum as you originally posted in the general HDR-FOX section)

Ollie Clark

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Oh what an idiot I am. What I'd actually done is downloaded the official firmware and reinstalled that over the top of the official firmware.

I've now installed the custom firmware and I can get to the web interface. Now to have a play and install some extra packages.

Thanks both and sorry for posting in the wrong section to begin with.