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Help with decryption


The Dumb One
I need a bit if 'head straightening' ref decryption etc.
I have ATM auto-unprotect running and have recursive Auto-decrypt on the 'My Video' folder. In addition, I have detect-ads running in 'chaserun' with 'Crop recordings' set to 'On' and with BBC* and *radio as exclusions.

Q1. If I remove BBC* from detect-ads, is there any need to have auto-unprotect and Auto-decrypt running (I don't do radio anyway)?
Q2. Has detect-ads been modded so that it doesn't look for ads on BBC* channels yet?


Ad detector
I will be publishing chasedecrypt shortly but it is really only intended for those who want to watch recordings via file sharing whilst recording.

It is not intended to be a replacement for unprotect and auto-decrypt which will still be needed if chasedecrypt fails during recording
You will be able to select channels via a inclusion list or select individual series
The exclusion list will remain the way to exclude BBC from detectads (if you select both derectads will win)
You don't need radio in the exclusion list anymore - it uses the Radio flag in the hmt now

The hard work remaining is writing up the documentation especially for the next version of detectads :(