Help with getting two HDR's playing each others files

Mark Conway

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Hi all,

I have recently purchased a second fox hdr t2 with the hope that they could each play each others recordings. On my old machine I have the customised firmware installed which includes media tomb. The new machine has the firmware 1.03.06 and although I have tried to install the customised firmware I keep getting the error E-HC. Windows sharing is turned on. I can see Media tomb on the new T2 but when it goes to play a .ts file it says it is not supported.


Obviously nothing additional has been installed on the new T2.

Does anyone have any ideas?


First off, DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO "DOWNGRADE" THE 1.03.06 MACHINE (NOT EVEN FOR THE PURPOSE OF CUSTOM FIRMWARE). See Wiki (click), and Things Every... (click) section 1. There is no version of the custom firmware available for 1.03.06, so whatever you were trying to do it is a good job it didn't work. For reference, the correct version of custom firmware must be selected for the version of standard firmware that is installed - see Custom Firmware Quick Start Guide (click) post 2.

There are some inconsistencies in your post. If your first machine is an HDR-FOX (as opposed to an HD-FOX), MediaTomb and BootHDR are not required (these add facilities to the HD-FOX and are more-or-less irrelevant to HDR-FOX - MediaTomb adds a DLNA server; and BootHDR makes an HD-FOX acquire limited HDR-FOX functionality, mainly for the purpose of decrypting recordings).

If you really do have two HDR-FOXes, there is no difficulty in playing content between devices even without custom firmware - all you need to do is set Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = On, and then each will be visible to the other via Media >> Storage (blue) >> Network (although it can take some time to "lock on"). There are more sophisticated methods using custom firmware, but let's not get into that until you have tried the standard facility (and until Humax releases 1.03.06 or a later firmware for download, there is no option).

If one box is HD-FOX and the other is HDR-FOX (as I suspect from your post), the HDR-FOX content is easy to play on the HD-FOX as per the previous paragraph. Accessing HD-FOX content on the HDR-FOX will also work by running MediaTomb on the HD-FOX, but the content has to be decrypted first and there is only one way to do that - follow links from Things Every... (click) section 5.
Thanks for such quick response Black Hole. Your responses on this forum are always very helpful! They are both HDR's and I am not sure why BootHDR is installed and I have now removed it. I wonder if this was conflicting something because it now seems to be working with no problems. Many thanks again.
Thanks Black Hole, I have actually removed the custom firmware as Sky player no longer works. I use a WDTV to stream other formats but I couldn't get it to play .ts reliably! Thanks again for the support.