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Hi from Mick!

Hi all - seems I should introduce myself as I've already had a couple of queries about the HDR-FOX T2 answered by the knowledgeable folk on here.
So, er, hello! I bought my HDR one week ago, and I've already put the latest firmware on it, followed by the customised one, and added a fair few tweaks. It's a great machine.
My first PVR was a Pace Twin (remember those?) and then I moved to a Topfield 5800, eventually with MyStuff on it, and that was a great machine too. However, times move on and I've (finally) bought an HD television, so I felt that I ought to pick up an HD recorder too.
I've read as much about the customised fiirmware as I can without my head exploding, so although it's been a steep learning curve (and I know nowt about Linux) I feel it's been a worthwhile exercise.