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Hi, i'm christopher I just installed the custom firmware and look forward to some SmartTV hacking, I have yet to make a serious crack at the info on the forums, but am keen to some Web integrations/apps, do you guys have a dev sub forum? or where can I get more info/docs on app development etc?

And are there any people currently working on a web browser or something similar?

Oh and BTW Great work on the custom firmware all who've worked on it.

Hi, there is some info. on developing packages for the Humax on the WiKi HERE, The WiKi front page is at the top of each forum page and HERE. If you hang around for 10 Mins. or so there will no doubt be alternative links supplied by other members for you to follow :)
Thanks, I've had a look at those, and eventually found these posts of the source for the Xtra1 portal http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/portal-xtra1-custom-tv-portal-alternative.1180/page-10#post-30669 (Custom TV Portal Alternative ) and JavaScript and css being my tool of choice I look forward to getting stuck in.

The code seems to be copyright tausoft.co.uk (Ian F. Jukes i assume) and I was wondering what the Licence of it is... (ie: I Hope MIT) and hoping its open source and that I'm able to host a fork of it on my github account (but dont want to infringe)

:) I noticed the mentions of no updates since the new Humax interface update, and was wondering what more we know about comming changing and how they would affect work like that of the Xtra1 portal.

Anyway Hi and looking forward to making cool shit.
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The code seems to be copyright tausoft.co.uk (Ian F. Jukes i assume)

Yes, the second custom-portal Xtra1 was created by Ian Jukes a.k.a. Spayz, the first custom-portal was created by ChrisDaniels and the majority of the Custom Firmware was created by af123. They are all still contactable through the forum