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I've read about Freeview+ being clever enough to tell the recorder when the programme actually starts (if it's delayed for the footie for example) so that no part of it is missed by the recorder. Does that mean that I no longer need to pad the programme? I currently have 2 mins early and 5 mins late set in Preferences - is it safe to drop these? I've searched but haven't found a clear answer - so thanks if you can shed some light here.
This debate rumbles on an on...

You can argue the point either way. Personally, I use AR (Accurate Recording) on my HDR in preference over padding. I have never had a program miss yet. One was cut short in the closing credits the other week when recording ITV2, no big deal.

However, there is a debate on these forums regarding the use of padding or AR. A certain member (no name, cough) has had problems with AR.
The 'problem' with AR is that you are trusting your recording to the broadcasters and some people refuse to do that. I don't like it, but until I have a major failure, I'm sticking with AR. It is only TV when all said and done!

Some channels are a little lazy in sending the signal but you will find the major channels are pretty good.

The choice is yours.

Check out the Wiki. The link is at the top of the page.

There are differing views on this. We (and quite a lot of other people) use accurate recording and have very few problems;others have problems and prefer padding. In my view it is essential for the box to be tuned to a single transmitter for accurate recording to work properly. There is a thread http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/ar-effectiveness-survey.1052/ debating this issue. My advice is to try it and see if it works for you.
Thanks, I'd not realised just what AR is and your link is really helpful. Food for thought as we're away for a couple of weeks soon and I'm hooked on these Danish dramas on BBC4.
Thanks, BH, the link I referred to is yours and it's great for someone who is catching up on progress after using a 9200 for quite a few years before HD, HDMI, AR and all these other new-fangled things. Isn't progress wonderful?
I've read the advice and links re AR as opposed to padded recording and I decided to try the AR way of doing things. Reset my padding to OFF and let it run...
Very impressed on the whole, but I have had 2 recordings which have missed the last 2 or 3 mins (hard to tell but they were nearly finished). I think the first was on BBC2 and the second certainly was, I'm pretty sure they were not delayed but I deleted too quickly to go back and check (the second was Whale Rider at midday Saturday).
I'm about to return to the old method of padded recording but that would be silly if I've missed something because the concept of AR looks so good.
Is this a common thing or is it perhaps a problem with the nut on the handle?
AR can be better than Padding and worse, The point is it's not under your control. Blimey I'm sounding like BH:)
Ezra, I take your point but is this sort of thing common, or have I just been unlucky? At least nobody's said I'm inept (yet). I'm heading for the padding route, I think; as you say, at least, then I'm in control.
If you take a look at the other threads mentioned, you'll see there is quite a debate about how reliable AR is (mainly me in the "unreliable as hell" camp). If you are going to use AR you must keep in mind that you are more-or-less embargoed from scheduling a recording from any non-mainstream channels (unless you also use the custom software selective AR/padding utility).

Padding is better than manually setting timers like the old days of VCRs, because it will track variations in programme schedules from week to week. AR should be even better and track late running due to live events... but it might also cock up completely if the signals don't get transmitted by accident (or design). What's easier to explain to the missus: "Corrie didn't record this week because of a broadcaster cock-up with the AR flags" or "The recorder worked, but recorded the end of the football instead of Corrie because it was late"?
Ezra, I take your point but is this sort of thing common

O.K. I'll try to be unbiased, I think it's fair to say that nobody else finds AR as unreliable as BH (For what ever reason). However some non BBC channels e.g. CH5 have been known to forget to send the 'Start' flag all together and I have found on all channels both begginning and ends have been cut off by AR. I agree that this doesn't usually matter BUT if I am going to archive something I want the whole program. Padding fails during long over-runs e.g. 5 mins of padding is of no use for an over run of 20 MINs. and when recording two consecutive programs on the same channel, padding won't work, so an over run on program 1 will put the over run onto the start of program 2, Again not the end of the world unless you are archiving the program.
I think it's fair to say that nobody else finds AR as unreliable as BH (for what ever reason).
I'll accept that - having made a concerted attempt to bring the padding brigade out of the woodwork very few stepped up, although we know there are some. I have not yet worked out WHY I get more AR failures than anyone else, even on BBC channels, but I have little incentive because padding works for me.