How can I connect 3 Mobile MiFi dongle to home plug


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Looking forward to some sound advice from the forum.
I recently cancelled my home phone and broadband, instead opting to use my mobile phone and a 3 MiFi Dongle for broadband.
Previously I accessd TV on demand using Solwise Homepugs connected to the broadband router by Ethernet and using a Humax Foxsat - hdr.
Now I realise that I may have shot my self in the foot, as I cant get TV on demand.
That is unless there is a way to connect the MiFi dongle to the Homeplug. Or perhaps another way may be possible.:)
I bought one of these the otherday:

Edimax 6218N (BTW this EBay shop was the cheapest I found)

I have my iPhone 4 pluged into the USB port, and a 3G tethering plan on the phone. The router then provides the tethered phone connection to any device you have connected via it's Wi-Fi. The router has a WAN / LAN port, so you can attach a wired Switch/Hub to that and have other things like the Humax connected via wired Ethernet. I actually get better speed that I was on my old broadband, and since I have all you can eat data, I think I no longer need a wired BB connection!

This router should work with any USB dongle or smart phone, just check Edimax website. I did need to stick the latest firmware on it, but very easy.

Really liking Edimax products, their USB Wi-Fi adapter works well on the Humax and was very cheap too. :)

If you have any other questions, just ask!

EDIT to say:

If you configure the 6218 to use the Ethernet port as a WAN link, then you can just use 3G as a backup for ADSL/Broadband if it ever fails. You loose the Wired Ethernet doing that since it only has one port.
I think what you need is a router that will connect to the Mi-Fi via a wireless connection. Not sure how many there are, most seem to only allow WAN via a wired port. I'll keep my eyes open for one.

BTW - what Mi-Fi device do you have?
One way to do it would be with a WiFi to ethernet bridge; for example

Actually - thinking about it, Wi-Fi to Ethernet bridge is the easiest way, then have your hub/switch/hope plug hanging off that. I assume the Mi-Fi device will allow sufficient DHCP clients and whatever else you need from the router. Otherwise have another Wi-Fi router hanging off the Mi-Fi bridge, though you'll possible end up with double NAT situation, although I ran my home LAN in that format for many years with out issue.