How can I edit a .ts for free ?


Hi all, I am asking this for a very good friend who has a Hummy.

He is struggling to find a FREE program that can EDIT a few .TS files, he admits he has an oldish PC, so he is thinking that he doesnt have enough Ram and/or a crap Video Card

So I am asking has anybody out there found a Windows program that can EDIT a .TS file, is preferably FREE and works with oldish Hardware ???

I have a fairly new Apple Lap Top for which I have purchased software from iSkysoft which does the Editing job very well indeed, my friend has installed the free trial windows version of the same program I use, but it doesnt play with his Hardware at all.

A fully working trial version of something would be ideal, he only wants/needs to edit a couple of files :)

Otherwise he will Post the files to me, for me to do the business.

thanks for looking and if you can help it will be a bonus.

Black Hole

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Ideal fodder for my previously proposed (but not implemented) media file manipulation forum section.

Take a look in my INDEX (click) under Miscellaneous >> Video File Support & Manipulation >> Editing & Burning.


Thank you so much buddy, that looks to be absolutely ideal, he should be well pleased with that. that must have taken you YEARS to put that together :)