How can I ensure my Custom TV list is the default


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I have created a Custom TV channel list and every so often when I press the guide it reverts backs to the TV list which includes the all channels found.

This also seems to happen when I have been watching a pre recorded programme.

Any advice would be appreciated.
I don't use favourites, I simply delete all the channels I have no interest in (taking care not to remove 105 and 301).

This 'problem' has been mentioned before, if I recall you must select a channel from the favourites list to make the list stick.
I had the same problem when I first created a Favourites list.

I tried the above solution but it didn't work 100% of the time, so I disabled my turn on/turn off 30 minute early morning timer (I use AR) and ever since it always remains on my "Favourite 1"

Hope this helps :)
I disabled additional start/stop timers for the same reason. However I set a pair of timers recently while on holiday and when I returned the box was retaining my favourites as default. It may be an undocumented fix in 1.02.27 - someone else might like to check this out.