How can I secure my media server?

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Hi All!

First Post :)

Bought HD and HDR Fox boxes recently and very happy with them.

I've got my boxes set up so that I can watch recorded progs from the HDR on the HD box in bed :D All well and good but I've realised something...

I'm living in an apartment block with shared wifi and I've realised that everybody in the building with access to the network can watch content from my HDR Media Server.

Just before I ask the main question of this thread I should also say that I'm using a wifi extender which is connected to the shared network and providing a stronger signal for me. It also means that my media sharing only passes through the extender making my streaming perform well and not affecting other people on the network.

Unfortunately I've noticed that if I connect my HD box to the shared network I can still see the HDR media.
So, how can I secure my HDR media server so that only I (or devices specified by me) can see its content?

Cheers all! :hug:

There may be something we can do by switching off the Humax's native content sharing and using the custom software to provide network mount access from the HD-FOX - this has advantages all round in that it is just like using the HDR directly (playback control, file management). To do this you would also need to make auto-decryption the norm.

However, in your circumstances I would be inclined to run a separate network, possibly just a wire, for the HD and HDR - then you have complete security. If you still want them to have external Internet access you could configure some kind of gateway.
Thank you Black Hole for the comprehensive and clear explanation.

With regards to suggestion 2, afaik this cannot be done with my existing hardware, and creating the gateway is a little out of my knowledge base at the moment :confused: ; for example, could this be done on a router (which I'd have to buy) or would I need a dedicated PC (which would have to be switched on 24/7 or whenever I wanted to use the Media Server)?

Anyway, suggestion 1 sounds more doable providing the custom software already exists. Since reading your reply above I've applied the custom firmware to the HDR and various web-if packages, so I can see how this custom media server might be implemented.

A quick glance down the list of packages...ok, I've installed auto-unprotect and mediatomb, is that a step in the right direction? :)

Also wondering whether a Samba or NFS solution might be possible? :cool:

Cheers again!!
As well as auto-unprotect (which merely clears the protection from decryption) you also need unencrypt - I strongly recommend reading up about them in their discussion topics. Then you want samba on the HDR and auto-mount on the HD.

The question I can't answer is how to secure these, but the experts will be along shortly...

Can I suggest this topic gets moved to the custom forum?