How do I mount Humax-HDR on a Synology NAS


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Hi - I am a newbie and a total novice but have managed to flash the latest 4.0.7 firmware and can access my Humax-HDR remotely over the internet and from my android phone and I have to say I am very impressed. My next challenge is to be able to view recordings remotely and, as I can see my Synology NAS files remotely and play recordings I have copied to it (from within my home network) , I thought if I could mount the Humax on my NAS I would be able to do it that way. The NAS has built in software to mount drives via CIFS (not sure if that is the terminology) but I can't work out how to do it with a Linux system. I have enabled NFS on my NAS.
Am I barking up the wrong tree here or should I try to do this another way? Any help greatly appreciated.
OK, I don't have a synology (I have a qnap) but I can mount it like this:

mkdir /tmp/foo
mount.cifs //humax/Media /tmp/foo -o user=admin pass=xxxx dom=Workgroup

Mounting it on /tmp/foo is not a lot of use . I suspect you'll want to mount it somehere more public on your nas

FYI: My humax is called humax (found by my household DNS ... your name may differ) and I put my Humax into a workgroup called Workgroup
Are you using your NAS as a firewall?
If you want to view your Humax from outside your LAN (e.g. house) you will need to allow the incoming connections .
If you have a firewall on your (adsl?) modem it will need rules to allow traffic in ... some modems allow (uPNP) devices to update the firewall rules (which of course undermines the reason to have firewall!) and your NAS may have done that.
Alternatively you may not have a firewall on your modem and your NAS may be serving that function in which case IT will need to have rules to allow the traffic in. ... my modem has a section called game and application sharing .. which actually manipulates firewall (iptable) rules.
Hi graemev - thanks for your reply I will give this a go but do I do this via telnet in DOS or via the NAS? Sorry if this sounds dumb but this is all very new to me at the moment
I can already access my NAS from outside my LAN and from my phone using the Synology free apps so it is just a question of being able to see the Humax on the NAS and I think I will have cracked it. Thanks for your help and sorry for the delay in responding but I've been away.
Success - I have managed to mount the Humax on the NAS....... now all I need is the latest VLC software to allow streaming and I'm good to go
Oops!! spoke too soon. I can see all my media files via the NAS but I can't copy or move them as I do not have privileges on the remote folder ie the HUMAX box. Does anyone know how to do this as I am not allowed to grant privileges to remote folders via the NAS?