How do I play files from the web interface



I am looking to play recordings from the customised web interface.

This is because the menu on the tv screen does not make all the folders easy to see as I have a lot of folders and subfolders. It is much easier to view all these folders from the web interface. I have no problem playing recordings from the on screen menu i.e. via the remote control but I would prefer to play them through the web interface for the reasons above.

When I select a recording through the web interface using the "opt+" I see no option to play a file. Can this be done?

In case the browser affects this ability, my computer has two browsers, IE11 and Chrome on Windows 10.

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If in the webif you click on a recording you will get a pop up window with file details and at the bottom of the box is a Play button.

This will play the file in your web browser using the VLC plugin. There is no ability to start playing a recording on the TV from the webif.

Note: Firefox and other browsers are removing the interface used by the VLC plugin so you may find Play does not work, Hopefully a new version of VLC will be coming out sometime soon but in the meantime you can download an Extended Support Release (ESR) of Firefox to keep VLC working for a few more months.