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How do I remove the [Unwatched] virtual directory


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I’ve uninstalled the flatview extension but it’s left the “[Unwatched]” directory behind. Webif reports that there’s 340Gb in it! My question is how do I remove this directory without removing everything in it?


Black Hole

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I use flatview, but I'm not familiar with [Unwatched] - it may be an option I don't use.

Regardless, flatview does not alter the file system - it creates a separate index to the existing files in the file system. Deleting a pointer within a flatview index only deletes the corresponding file in the real folder while flatview is running to do it. Without flatview installed, deleting the index will only delete the index - not the corresponding files.


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flatview created it when it was installed. Telnet’d in and it contained a bunch of symlinks and file copies. So I deleted them all and removed the “ [Unwatched]” directory and there seems to be no ill effects and quite a lot of disk space released,