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How loud is the fan


Hi I am getting a few warnings about high temperatures after a while watching with it (got it set to warn @55*c ) and this morning I put my ear to the front of the av unit (which always has the front door open) and turned the fan up to 100 (customised firmware) and updated and gave it the 2 minutes and I couldn’t hear any change, so dropped it down to 0 and repeated with the same result, so I am hoping you say the fan is quiet as I will have a load of trouble getting it out the cabinet to test or even to get my hand on the rear vent (lol) ?


The Dumb One
Sounds like it's not working. Mine is very audible if it comes on full. But the fan package set at 50% keeps it cool enough not to come on loud.
You need to investigate further.


Thanks Trev, looks like I need to get it out and investigate more, but not today


Ad detector
Use a piece of tissue paper to detect whether there is air-flow
Don't leave it too long before attempting a fix
Fans are cheap compared to hard drives and it may only need a clean to remove dust