How many usb?


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I have a USB external HDD in both USB ports at the moment, so cannot add a 3rd. should I need to. I was wondering if I added a powered USB hub whether I could run more than 2 HDD's or put another way, can the Humax cope with more than 2 USB drives. Thanks.
Thanks for quick reply, drives are all self powered so I'll buy a plain USB2 hub, and see how we get on with 3 external HDD connected.
Thanks again
Just as a matter of academic interest, why on earth would you want three external drives? Or is it just a case of 'because I can'
Hi Trev,
I changed the original 320gb Humax drive for a 1tb, I fitted the 320gb in a caddy (Ext drive No1). I next bought another external 1tb (Ext drive No2) just to make sure we had plenty of capacity. A couple of weeks ago our 42" LCD went belly up so I bought a 46" LED from Currys, this new TV had pause and rewind (Freeview), so I bought another 1tb usb drive to try it out (I only wanted it to record Red Dwarf and a few things on Quest). It turned out to be almost useless as it only recorded what was on the screen at the time, useless, I gave up on that and now had a spare 1tb drive. I do not need another drive for the PC so thought I would add it to the Humax, hence my original question. Hope this answers your query.
It certainly does. most succinctly. My mate has, can't remember the name' a Freview/freesat tv with record. His is the same, you can only record what you are watching so he now uses his 500GB USB caddy as a backup drive for his PC.

I can see the occasional use this way being handy, but surely you want to record stuff when you are watching something else, or have gone up the pub and don't want to miss something.
I've got a 1TB in my Hummy, but it is never fuller that about 35 - 40%. I did the same as you and had the 320 on USB, but gave that up as not required (yet).