How/or can I update FHTCP 1.02.20 on HD-T2 in bootHDRmode?


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Hi - I am new to this and really not very competent and hope someone can point me in the right direction. I am trying to get the iplayer to run on HD-T2 in boot HDRmode - is that even possible???

I have a HD-Fox T2 and I have installed custom firmware 1.02.31 on it. I can telnet to the box. I have web interface access and can add/remove packages. I have bootHDRmode working, and in that mode the firmware shows as FHTCP 1.02.20!!

I believe I have to have Ver 1.03.12 on the HDR to access the portal but don't know how or if I can get this version into the bootHDRmode of the setup. Can anyone advise if I am wasting my time.

I have tried an over air update when in bootHDRmode but nothing happens.

To get this all working in the first place I copied the custom 1.03.12 firmware 'hdr_fox_t2_upgrade.hdf' to the mod folder as per these instructions (did this via web if)
  1. Download standard 1.03.12 firmware for the HDR-FOX
  2. On the HD-FOX, in Web-If>Package Management, uninstall the Boot-HDR package.
  3. In Web-If>Browse Media Files open the 'mod' folder and delete the 'HDRfs' folder.
  4. Copy the firmware file (HDR_FOX_T2_upgrade.hdf) into the 'mod' folder and temporarily rename (e.g. to DR_FOX_T2_upgrade.hdf). Then rename the file 'hdr_fox_t2_upgrade.hdf'. The HDF tool which uses the update file during the Boot-HDR installation is case sensitive!
  5. In Web-If>Package Management, install the Boot-HDR package. The installation may appear to hang, but eventually a dialogue box will appear. Click OK and you are done

Oddly when in HD-T2 mode I can access a portal! which shows the red/green/yellow/blue if I load the portal xtra1 from packages but nothing works when in bootHDRmode (usual error message).

Thanks for any advice offered.

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All you need to do is copy the 1.03.12 HDR-FOX upgrade file into the /mod folder instead of the 1.02.20 upgrade file. Then when you boot into HDR mode it will be running 1.03.12 instead of 1.02.20.


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Following the instructions you quoted exactly are crucial. As you already have bootHDR, after uninstalling, you need to go to Web-If>Browse Media Files then click on the first 'slash' in the folder path to locate the 'HDRfs' folder. This has to be deleted or you will get version 1.02.20 back when you reinstall. You then need to delete the old 'hdr_fox_t2_upgrade.hdf' file in the '/mod' folder if there is one. When you copy the new 1.03.12 'hdr_fox_t2_upgrade.hdf' file into '/mod' ensure that the filename is all lower case: depending on where you downloaded it from it might not be. If it is not lowercase, it won't be used during the installation: the old version will be downloaded instead. When this is done, reinstall the bootHDR package.


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Hi chaps

Many thanks for your help I will do as suggested tomorrow when I have time - I see my mistakes now - not using lower case, can you advise what portal package should I be using - there are a number of packages possible - I guess I could try each but I don't want to screw up anything.

I appreciate your rapid replies and help enormously. Thank you.


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You just need to uninstall the bootHDR package. Then follow the instructions (delete HDRfs folder, and the old update file, then copy the new update file into the /mod folder) and then reininstall the bootHDR package. You don't need any portal packages. In HDR mode you will have access to the current Humax HDR-FOX T2 portal which is working OK.