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How to open series folders

I am viewing the recorded programmes from my HDR Fox T2 on the web interface using the "Browse Media Files" tab.
I see a list of my programmes.
Where there are single programmes I can click on ‘OPT+’ and I see the ‘Download’ option to save the programme to my PC or device.

But programmes that are part of a series are shown as being in a folder, the icon has a number on it to say how many programmes in the series.
When I click on ‘OPT+’ there is no ‘Download option’.

Please could someone advise me how to open the folder to get to the individual programmes of the series and be able to ‘Download’ them.

Many thanks for your help

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
I didn't say the icon for the folder...

Clicking the [name of the] folder is just the same as opening a folder on a Windows PC (or just about any GUI-based OS).


The Dumb One
Not 100% true BH. You can click on the folder icon in Windows. The OP's 'problem' also had me puzzled a bit when I first started this malarky as well, as clicking on the icon doesn't open the folder as you well know but It should, to make it the same as "just about any GUI-based OS ".

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Nonetheless, the browser identifies the folder name string as a link.

I don't know how difficult it would be to add link capability to the icon, but is that really necessary to accommodate one inexperienced outlier? It is (reasonably) consistent within the WebIF GUI that icons are informative rather than active, and you click on text which tells you what action will be initiated. In this case the icon reports that the item is a folder rather than a media file.


The Dumb One
Absolutely BH and probably not. I just put on my pedantic head to point out that the implementation is not consistent with any other GUI that I have come across, (Windows, Mac, Android, Apple etc.) insofar as is 'usual' to click/tap the icon rather than the icon's 'name'.
And while I am here, I think it is a bit disingenuous to label the OP as an outlier.