how to restore CF from backup, after disk change?


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Apols for what seems like a simple question, but I couldn't easily find anything related in the wiki. If someone could point me to any existing note on this, please?

If I am running CF, and I have a full backup of /mnt/hd2 (on an external USB disk), when I change the internal disk (e.g. because of failure, or to upgrade to a larger one) is there a procedure for restoring (some of) the CF to the newly formatted new disk, in a "supported" way?

[and should I be backing up more than just hd2?]

I know I can just reinstall the CF from scratch, but I'd like not to have to re-enter all my settings, SSH keys, sweeper config, etc, etc, etc. But equally, I don't want to just blindly start copying stuff back from external disk, and end up with an unsupportable mess...

I am hoping for something as simple as "restore these dirs, then run fix-flash-packages diag", but I appreciate it may not be that simple.

It may also be that I'm a little confused about which bits of CF are on the disk, and which are in flash memory :)

thanks much indeed for any ideas.