How to save base firmware??


Previously I could reflash my box with a current version of the firmware.
However newer versions are no longer available on the wiki.
I've just panic-bought an HDR T2 which has arrived with 1.03.11 and the latest OTA version is 1.03.28 (?) neither of which plain vanilla versions are available to download.

So if - heaven forbid - I need to send the box back I can't reflash is to anything recent. Being fearful of The Thought Police at Humax UK exterminating me for tampering with the box - what can I do??
There would be no harm in installing 1.02.32 in that situation - there is no bar on installing officially released older firmware.
If you follow up on Chris's suggestion and you get a copy of 1.03.12, could you let the forum know, it would be a useful to other users
I rather take the view - given that Humax have stopped posting updates on the Beta site - that I may not get a copy of the firmware from them?
Yes possibly, we don't know what Humax's current policy is on supplying firmware, We are told that 1.03.12 was pulled by the OTA distributors (DTG) rather than by Humax, but as you say they haven't made 1.03.06, 1.03.11 or 1.03.12 available on their download site, however Humax have supplied firmware directly to customers in the past so it worth try
AF123, that sounds like a good idea, if it's not a major task.
At least it will give the people with a problem an easier blackout option.
Well, many thanks AF123. I should have checked back on here first (for some reason I didn't get an auto email about your posts). Anyway I emailed Humax last night (no reply) and rang 'just now' All I could have was the 1.02.2x version that's public anyway. The 1.03.11 (December) and 12 were deemed to be "too unstable to let me have" (sounds like evacuating male bovine to me). Riddulous as the download site is "Beta" software anyway....

So you've kindly solved my problem (and others I guess), for which I'm most grateful.

Many Thanks again,
I admit to have been dragging my heels - I had intended installing 1.03.12 on one test machine to try it out, but other things took priority.
I also asked Humax about the availability of updates. I got this reply; it doesn't say anything new:
Humax Customer Support said:
Thank you for contacting Humax Support.

Regretfully we can't provide the 1.03.12 software file as it is undergoing a revision currently. The only software available for manually installing is the 1.02.32 version from the website.

I am not sure yet when the next update will be broadcast but hopefully won't be long.

Best Regards,


Humax Customer Support
It's broadcast in HDF format so all I did was give it a name and put it inside a zip file.
More for my own education, how do you capture the OTA file? I mean what combination of hardware/software do you use?
Hmm nice feature would be a package that listens for an OTA upgrade but instead of installing it just saves it and tells you of its existence next time you start the box. A sort-of enhanced disable-ota.....
I'm sure it could be done on the HDR but only if we had details if the API needed to manage the tuners, which we don't.

BH's right - I used a USB DVB-T2 dongle in a laptop running Linux. There are packaged DVB tools for most distributions which let you dump the raw Mux data but I had to write my own utility to extract the update from that.
Lots of things we* can't do could be done if we* had the API! T2 no longer necessary now the OTA stream has moved to a StDef mux.

* "we" as in "the collective", not the individual (at least, not this individual).