How to secure Samba share access



I've just added the custom firmware to my HDR-Fox 2T to replace my old Toppy and was glad to see that adding samba was able to make it visible as a windows/cifs/samba share, so that I can use robocopy to copy decrypted files off onto my media server.
Now my question is how do I enable security and/or permissions to secure it on my network?

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If you look in /mod/etc you will find an smb.conf file and an smbpasswd file. If you know what you're doing (not me!) no doubt manipulating those will achieve what you want (after a reboot).

The WebIF provides a file inspection/editing facility: WebIF >> Diagnostics >> File Editor >> Open


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Is your box wifi'd (if so, how) or hard wired. If the latter, what security do you need?


It's hard wired, I was just looking for a way to protect the shares from being open by default on the network.
I had a quick look on configuring samba but adding a user seems to require the smbpasswd -a cmd, and the user then needs to be in /etc/passwd.
Will take a look in next few days.