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How to Stream/watch SD recordings on a PC via FTP


For those desperate to stream videos from the HDR to a PC (before Humax eventually add Media server capability) I have found a rough and ready method that actually works via FTP.

My guide below assumes the use of VLC media player to view the recording on the PC. Other media players may also work but I have not tested any others.

1) On the Humax start copying the SD encrypted recording from the internal drive to a USB storage device. The Humax will unencrypt the file as it is copied.
2) While it is still copying to the external USB device it is possible to start transferring the unencrypted file via FTP to your PC.
3) While it is still copying via FTP to the PC it is possible to open and play the file in VLC

Yes I know its messy but it does actually work!

Thans to Dan for the inspiration in the following thread http://hummy.tv/forum/index.php?threads/transfering-unencrypted-files-via-ftp.149/#post-1772

Mr Lazy

New Member
Well I just tried it and it works. Only a 420MB file and bit of a slow process. It's networking Jim, but not as we know it :)

Mr Lazy

New Member
Instead of copying to a PC in step 3 I've copied to my NAS. This means I can then play the file from my WDTV. Currently the WDTV is connected to the same TV as the HDR in the lounge, so adds no value, but at least this means I have an option for viewing on a TV in another room if I want. Especially if the WDTV won't communicate with the media server future functionality (looking increasing likely that it won't as I assume it doesn't support DTCP).