Ok can some one please tell me how you signup or get your user name and pass for this site.

Ive custom firmware on my box and web interface works. But would rather connect to a remote site

Also is there a android app rather then loading full web page



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Either via the settings page in the web interface on your Humax (easiest way), or from the command prompt on your Humax (accessed via telnet) using the following command:

humax# rs register <your email address>
The humax# bit is the prompt you should see - the bit before the # may vary if you have changed the hostname of the box.


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any how long it take for password to come through 25 mins, still not got it. its a hotmail account, checked junk mail its not there

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It's called "rs", but you might need to turn on advanced packages on the settings page, and then click "update package list from the Internet".

Edit: are we talking Foxsat then? As far as I know none of ths is available for Foxsat.