Huge thanks to Customised firmware team


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Wanted to pass on my thanks to all the developers. What you have created is very easy to install and adds great value to an already decent piece of kit. Maybe Humax should give you some paid work to create its next flagship model.
But it would appear the Humax do not want their boxes to do what the Custom Firmware allows them to do.
Sadly, the next flagship Freeview models are Youview boxes. :disagree:

I do think Humax missed a few tricks here, though. I guess their programmers think the Cfw is in competition. They should have embraced it and its creators. After all, their f/w was based on GNU code, so what do they expect?

In a similar way, when Apple got its iPod software dreadfully wrong in the early days, and coders produced a better f/w, they got locked out by Apple in the next release. It's more about pleasing the manufacturer than pleasing the customers.
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Indeed, had humax written their software properly we would not have been able to decrypt HD recordings.
Yep - big thanks to the CF guys!

Indeed Humax missed a trick - people bought the HDR because the CF exists. It is in their interest to allow CF, even if it can never be official for legal reasons or what not.