Humax 2020IR PVR encrypted recorded videos !


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hi everyone i have humax 2020ir me and when i record progs' and then view them into my laptop it won't work and played in the laptop , is there any way to make it able to play on other harddisk then the one for recording , and thanks for u all
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I'm sorry to be simple. english is not my mother language|

I have Humax Receiver. it called IR2020. It's like HUMAX HDR-FOX T2 with a simple differences

I recorded to channel, one was encrypted and the other one was unencrypted.

I try to decrypt it with HEX editor. and I found one byte in 0x0000028E. for encrypted [01] and for unencrypted [00]. But when I Change it, enc flag disappear and video don't work

This is a link for the file


Please Help Me.

Thanks :)

I have no knowledge of the IR2020, it may well be physically similar to an HDR-FOX but there is no saying the operating software is similar or contains the same features that have permitted the HD/HDR-FOX community to manipulate the encryption.

Anybody else?
It sounds like you are changing the byte in the .hmt file which indicates whether the recording (the .ts file) is encrypted.
Changing that byte just tells the Humax software not to try and decrypt the stream as its read. The data in the .ts file is still encrypted though which is why it fails to play.

On the freeview HDR models, the ENC flag itself is controlled by the byte at offset 0x3dc. Changing this removes the ENC flag (ENC here means 'keep encrypted') and means that when we copy the file to a USB drive it is automatically decrypted.

Does your box allow for decryption during copy to USB?
That makes sense. I can fill in the information you may not be aware of.

With the HDR-FOX, standard definition Freeview (DVB-T) broadcasts are recorded encrypted on disk, but are decrypted in the process of copying them to USB and are then playable by PC media players etc. High definition Freeview (DVB-T2) broadcasts are encrypted when recorded, and the flag in the HTM file prevents the HDR-FOX decrypting them when copied to USB. Our "Foxy" process removes that flag so that the HiDef recordings will be decrypted when copied to USB, but note that both HiDef and StDef recordings are still encrypted on the HDR-FOX internal disk.

Unless the IR2020 has the facility to decrypt ANY recordings when copied out, there will be no mechanism to subvert in order to decrypt other recordings.

An alternative means of attack is if you can stream recordings to an external media player across a network, in which case it should be possible to capture the stream to a file instead of playing it.
You talk about transfer video to external hard disk to decrypt video

But The IR2020 doesn't have internal hard disk. Just recording in external hard disk

|I recorded my video to external hard disk with type ext3|

the two HMT files. I copy it from the external hard disk directly
In that case the situation is like with the diskless HD-FOX - no decryption mechanism available (except we are able to force it to run HDR-FOX code and get limited decryption capability by using virtual disks). Without a similar exploit for the IR2020 there's no hope, sorry.