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Humax as a Twonky/DLNA client

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by Mark, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Mark

    Mark New Member

    Hi All,

    After the last update I am finding that the streaming capabilities of the HDR are even more suspect than before.

    Previously aspect ratios are consistently messed up. This problem doesn't seem to have been addressed. But worse than this I am finding that the box randomly reboots whilst playing video files either from a connected USB drive or over the network (from a QNAP NAS).

    I bought this thing as a way of consolidating devices, but it seems that as a streaming client, it is half baked.

    Anyone here have any views on this?
  2. ColinS

    ColinS Member

    I can only relate my own personal experience. I've had no problems playing files either from a USB HDD or from a Twonky DLNA Media Server running on WHS. The version of Twonky on WHS is not even the latest, it's only v4.4.5. I haven't had to do anything special, apart from stop the WHS uPNP media server from running in favour of Twonky instead.
  3. fenlander

    fenlander Active Member

    The issue of random reboots was raised in this thread: http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/random-reboots.323/

    In my own experience, this can occur when certain external .mkv files are imported on to the Humax. I suspect it is a symptom of poor codec support on the Hummy. That the box should reboot, rather than produce a suitable error message, is inexcusable.
  4. ColinS

    ColinS Member

    Fair enough. I thought the OP was referring to the native .TS files that Humax produces across its product lines. Has Humax actually detailed what client codec support it offers?
  5. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    I was digging through my AV manuals and found a copy of Nero MediaHome Essentials 4 that came bundled with an LG telly.
    Sounds like Twonky.
  6. ColinS

    ColinS Member