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Humax boss bigs up YouView Shock


straight from the horses mouth, portal out by the end of this month.

nothing else to distract him now (he's sent all the happy xmas's out, and easter's a few months away)


Probably because Humax will want to be the de facto manufacturer of the YouView units of course, so its in his interests to big up YouView!

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
If you are an HDR Fox T2 fan and see YouView as a threat to the future development of the produce, Here is some good news, YouView have appointed SIR Alan Sugar as non-executive chairman ! ! , Lets hope he does a TITANIC job as usual, All the best Sir Al



As has been pointed out elsewhere, YouView is a UK-only initiative. Humax sell DTT PVRs in lots of other European markets so it's a reasonable bet that they will retain some development/third level support resource for those product lines alongside YouView.


I'm surprised that any of you are suprised. Humax will be going all out to be the de facto manufacturer of the YouView PVR's, I thought that everyone was aware of that. Also the UK (which is by nature an entirely different market to the rest of Europe) makes up only a tiny fraction of Humax's overall market.