Humax crash if too busy


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If I set auto decrypt and mpeg audio and the box is recording watching other channel box has slow response and dropouts , just too much for it too handle ?

In theory, the "extra" stuff is run at a lower processor priority, but there are still memory limitations.

As a consumer item, the HDR-FOX has as much processing power and RAM etc as it needs to do what it was sold for. Don't be surprised if making it do other stuff as well max'es it out.
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What the system can cope with seems to vary for users - many have no problems
You can set the auto processing options on the settings page to reduce possible interference with recordings
Suspend automatic processing whilst recording?     
Suspend automatic processing if will record soon?
Choose hours during which automatic processing runs:
You may need to set up a repeating reminder to ensure box is awake while processing the recordings