Humax crashing when pressing stop after watching recording

Jamie Smith

New Member
Hi folks,

Can I make use of the groups collective wisdom and experience please?

I installed a new 2Tb disc in my HDR T2 with the latest custom firmware.
The new disc was formatted by the Humax unit and is working fine, with no errors.
It records and plays black recordings okay.

For the recordings on the old disc, I mounted the ext3 partition on my PC and extracted all the recordings, still encrypted, to a local drive.
I then used FileZilla to FTP them across to the BetaFTP server in the Humax unit.
Everything worked fine, and I can play the recordings, both SD and HD on the unit, but when the recording finishes, or I press stop during playback, there is a delay when the picture freezes, but the sound continues for 10 seconds, then the Humax will crash and restart.
This only occurs on previous recordings moved via FTP,
Any new recordings by the unit straight on to the new disc are fine and not affected by this.

As a workaround, I intend to get a powered SATA to USB cable, and mount the old disc with the recordings directly as a USB drive, then copy them across to see if the PC Mount/FTP may have caused an issue, but wondered if any of you have seen this behaviour before or had any thoughts on the root cause?

Many thanks
Read-only you mean? That could explain it. I was thinking of ownership, but the Humax software has supervisor privilege so I don't think that's a factor.