Humax FoxSat HDR (CF v4.1.3, Webif 2.89) - Not seen by the RS service for 49 hours


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Hi there,

I have a FoxSat HDR running CF v4.1.3 and Webif 2.89. Every night at 3am it wakes up and, I assume does its housekeeping and should then check in to the RS service.
For some reason, over the last week or so, it's not been checking in (although it has been waking up at 3am - I stayed up to watch and make sure!)
I've started to get emails saying that RS has not seen the device for 49 hours (setting was set to 48 hours)

I've checked to see if it can access the internet and it can. If I start the device manually and leave it on for long enough it will check in with the RS site, like it has just done.

I reinstalled the RS package the other night to see if this would resolve it. I then re-registered it with the RS server (as it was saying that it wasn't registered - I'm assuming as a consequence of reinstalling the plugin).

That seemed to work.... until 48 hours later, I get the email to say that it's not been seen for 49 hours!

I can access it locally on the network and it does check in, but it seems that checking in isn't one of the tasks that it wants to perform on its 3am housekeeping run.

If I look on the RS site, there's nothing under tasks (I don't think there ever was) - which seems right, as we don't have any schedules queued on it right now - but should it have something under the housekeeping task at 3am?
In the attached screenshot, you can see that I re-set up the RS plugin on 03/11 at 03:12:52 after I'd noticed it hadn't checked in.
On the rs site, there are no rules set, and no events set (I don't have any programs set to record - haven't done for a long time, so this isn't unusual, but that shouldn't stop it from checking in).

I know that if I put this into standby now and leave it for another 24 hours, I'll get the message that it's not been seen by the RS server (I've now changed the setting to 25 hours instead of 48).

Is there anything specific I should be looking for to troubleshoot this?



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