humax foxsat-hdr


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first a big hello to all the members im sure i will find the forum most helpfull.
ok i have a humax foxsat hdr what i want to know can i use custom firmware and if so could someone recommend one please, form the day i have had this ive been plagued with missed recordings and and broken recordings, ive been updating the official firmware without success , i was once told to untick the auto in record menu now this seem to reolve the broken recordings so i replaced the drive with another 500gb but it still misses some recordings, im on the verge of throwing this lump of s%*te through the window.

regards will
The customised firmware won't fix your inherent problems, what firmware do you currently have ?

My guess is you used a ordinary PC drive, due to inherent data checking they aren't reliable. A CE (Consumer Electronics) drive designed for pvrs is what's needed.


I fitted a WD 1TB to mine in December 2008 it has worked flawlessly ever since.

The custom firmware can be found here but it works on top of the standard firmware and has no effect on the way the box works as a Freesat+ box. Installing upgrades the firmware to the latest 1.00.20 if you don't already have it.
the drive a replaced was a seagate 500gb and i replaced it with an identical im stuffed should never have got rid of my topfield lol
not sure but the same fault is on both drives which now makes me think its faulty then ....time for the bin i think