Humax fvp 5000t picture freezing


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I have been in contact with humax support A LOT because of the faults with my box. after loads of resets, rescans and various attenuators, they did a swap for a "new" one it has the same problems as the old one.
There seems to be a problem with the signal processing because on most channels after a minute or so the picture starts to fereeze for one to twenty seconds. If I pause live tv for a couple of seconds, then press play it
does not freeze, but there are occasional lines of artifacts for a split second. If I have used the pause/play thing, then when I go to guide, even after going back to live tv, I cannot set a record or reminder for other programmes on any channel.
I have a 10 year old humax fort2 freeview plus box, and it works perfectly. I am trying to get a refund now. The last thing I tried was to take it to a neighbors flat, then to a friends house but had the same results both with and without a variable attenuator.
I have tried the 5000t on its own, up line and down-line with my foxt2 and TV, there is no problem on the tv or foxt2 at the same time and channel as the 5000t is freezing. I have reset and retuned the box too many times to count, I even managed to get it to format and reset once to no avail.
I cannot believe how unreliable this box is after years owning the foxt2. I only bought it for the extra hard drive size, as my foxt2 has been over-full for years.