Humax HB-1000S Freesat HD Receiver help plugging in HDD


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hi guys i got a freesat humax hb 1000s yesterday and got it all set up withing 10min also with a wifi dongle i used a edimax 7711usn worked first time all i had to do was change my wifi password to 10 letters insted of 12 .

The only thing im having a problem with is trying to connect a external hhd to the box so i can stop live tv and record .
I have a 1TB buffalo , ive plugged it into the usb on the freesat box the menu comes up on my tv to click yes to format i click yes and im asked for a password what is 0000 tryed other numbers but only 0000 works it formats the hdd but nothing then hapens the light on the hdd is still red .

Ive plugged the hdd back into my usb on my laptop all is formatted and as soon as its plugged in the green power light comes on .

can any 1 help ? cheers
Not sure about the HDD problem, but the password is your system PIN and defaults to "0000". You can change it on the parental control menu, but it will go back to "0000" if you do a factory reset (restore factory defaults).
cheers im all sorted now . I remeber the hdd had a password , so i did a master reset to get rid of it . plugged in to freesat box and now its recording tv and pauseing .

cheers anyways