Humax HD-FOX T2 - Delete Loop

David Leslie

New Member
I recently encountered the delete loop problem on my HD-FOX T2. I've looked through all kinds of forums and even tried fixing it with the custom firmware, but most of things I can find relate to the HDR, not the HD.

For example, the custom firmware for the HD-FOX T2, does not seem to have the fix-disk command anywhere in it that I believe sorts it out.

Has anyone fixed this issue on the HD-FOX T2 without resorting to wiping the hard drive?


You are correct in saying fix-disk is not available on the HD-Fox T2, there are some alternative fixes detailed in the WiKi HERE that should be applicable to the HD-Fox T2
Thanks for the advice.

I could not fix the issue, so I ended up getting a new HDD and once I've watched everything on the old one, I'm just going to re-format it...