Humax HDR 1100


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Hi all,

Bought a HDR 1100S a few months ago and now it's playing up.
The other day the missus said it wouldn't do anything. By the time I was home it was working.
Day after it did it again, later it worked.
Yesterday I had to de power it, it booted up, but was just stuck on a channel.
Today, it's stuck in standby, it won't do a thing.

Any ideas? Don't seem to see a thread on this problem.


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Yea it is, pain sending it off and going without for recording series. Will have to if I need to, just wondered if it was a common thing with an easy fix


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We've got a 1010 and (touch wood) it hasn't done anything like that in a year of use.
However (and assuming you've got it going again by now), I have to ask, does it only misbehave when SWMBO is using it? With our Freeview boxes and computers (she doesn't use the 1010) I've had to dissuade my other half from repeatedly pressing things if the box doesn't immediately respond. All those presses get queued and when the processor gets back from it's holiday it tries to do them all at once and promptly falls over. (Well that's my take on it anyway :p )