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Humax Not Switching On

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by Andy S, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Andy S

    Andy S New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I tried to use the Humax last night, it was recording two programmes but I intended to watch a recorded item. The box came on briefly and then switched itself off. No input detected by the TV (Sony KDL32EX503). Once one of the programmes had finished, normal service was resumed. I have noticed it has done this before. Any suggestions?
  2. Greecian

    Greecian Member

    If it's any consolation my HDR T2 (1TB) does a similar thing, i.e. if I switch the box out of standby when it's recording, select HDMI on our Sony KDL-W40A12U...nothing, just a black screen. The box is on, i.e the display is lit up, but no picture. It's fortunate that I have a 'Neet' HDMI switcher ( the TV has only one HDMI input I have two HDMI devices), I have to select the appropriate input on the Neet's remote control to get a picture. This only happens when the Humax is switched out of standby when recording, it's OK when the Humax is not recording I believe this has only happened since the last update.

    Edit:- There's a post in DS highlighting the same thing.


    Another Edit:- Just spoken to a relative with a Sony KDL32S2030 and a HDR T2 (500GB). His box does it too. His 'workaround' is to switch the TV off using the remote control and then switch on again then quickly switch the Humax out of standby and select AV4 (HDMI) . The TV then connects . He confirms that the problem has only occurred since the last update.

  3. parish

    parish Member

    Does this only happen when it's recording two programmes? I've never noticed it, in fact I switched it out of standby last night while it was recording (only one programme). Although mine isn't connected directly to the TV, it goes through my A/V amp. TV and A/V are both Sony.
  4. Greecian

    Greecian Member

    With my set-up, the last time it happened only one program was being recorded.

  5. Andy S

    Andy S New Member

    Dear All,

    This has only happened when I have been recording two programmes. As I switch the machine on from standby it switches itself back into standby after approximately one second, hence no input received by the TV. The following day I recorded two simaltaneous programmes and switched the TV into standby. I was able to switch it on with no problem. By coincidence, Iassume, the two times these events have occurred have been on a Saturday night.
  6. ejstubbs

    ejstubbs Member

    That's an HDMI sync issue. Many people (including me) have reported that this is worse since 1.02.07 - see this thread on Digital Spy, and numerous references to it in the HDR Fox-T2 threads on AV Forums. The problem Andy S is reporting is that the box puts itself back in to standby almost immediately after he switches it on - see his second post clarifying this. I think these are two different issues.

    From the limited information given by the OP in that thread it's difficult to say whether theirs is an HDMI sync problem, the same problem that Andy S has, or something completely different again.
  7. Greecian

    Greecian Member

    Yes, Andy S's fault does perhaps seem more like a hardware problem? These boxes unfortunately are not fault free, I'm on my second one:(