Humax Playback Issue (is it dying?)


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I've owned my Humax HDR since it came out a few years ago. This morning we've started getting a problem when playing back video. It doesn't matter if it's HD or SD content, every few minutes the screen flickers for 3-10 seconds with horizontal grey / white lines. I've attached a pic.

My gut feeling is that the graphic chip is on the way out. Has anyone else experienced the same issue?


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This is likely to be heat related. If you are willing, open the case and give it a good dusting out.
Dunno if it's heat related, it's friggin' freezin in the house at the moment.

Taking the case off and giving it a vacuum clean has helped. We've been watching Octonauts for the past 10 minutes without any issues.

Ta for helping!
The heat is generated internally, the dust stops it getting out. You might find your house is warmer now!