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I'm successfully using a Foxsat HDR in Spain and have brought over a Fox HD to network the recorded content from the Foxsat into another room. I appreciate there will be no 'live' TV on the Fox but I was hoping the Portal would work if only for the Internet Radio. I am getting the message "an error occurred whilst launching the application Humax Portal Address/". I pretuned the Fox in the UK and have connected an aerial in Spain (albeit just to satisfy the box connections). When I try to access the Portal using a tablet over the same network/ADSL the error message is "only from Humax STB" implying that the two errors are different. I will still use the Fox HD but it would be something else with Internet radio availability! Any further checks I could try? Thanks in advance.

PS: unable to quote actual Portal URL as I'm a newbie!!
Accessing the TV Portal from a P.C. / Tablet will not give the same responce as when the Humax does it, because the Humax identifes itself to the portal before the portal decides what content to send back, a P.C. won't identify itself as a Humax, which is why you get the error message "only from Humax STB". When you enter Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Settings >> Configure LAN >> Apply do you get a 'Network Connected' Message?
The portal on the box should work fine. Are you sure it's connected properly.
As pointed out above, you can't play portal stuff from anything other than the box.
Firstly, thanks for your turn,
Yes network shows 'connected' but I haven't proven it....need to check Fox shows on the router etc. (will do this)
I did think about the third point and UK ip address. Humax would need to block iPlayer from outside UK use. Is their portal geared up to do this or do they blockthe whole caboodle perhaps?
I believe that BBC iPlayer does block it's use from outside the UK, but there are ways around this.;)
There is a potential issue with system time. Does having the aerial connected in Spain make it display the proper date/time? Have a read HERE (click), section 6.

Secondly, I'm not sure the HD-FOX can access content from the Foxsat, can it?
Secondly, I'm not sure the HD-FOX can access content from the Foxsat, can it?
Only with the Foxsat custom firmware and then only content which is not encrypted (that depends on which mode you have the box in when the recording is made AIUI)
Update and resolution......
Firstly thanks for all feedback and useful comments. What follows may interest any other users not UK based. (I know plenty of folk in Spain use the Foxsats).
As I mentioned I pre-programmed the Fox in the UK and connected an aerial without success. Obviously checked network etc. Anyway last resort.....hit the autotune. Pulled in about 85 Spanish radio/tv channs but more importantly the Portal fired up with Internet radio! Iplayer does not function but didn't expect this.
I have tested streaming from Foxsat to Fox and it works (except encrypted) so very pleased with this set-up. Thanks again.
You got a time source. You could also have achieved that using the custom firmware to add Internet time.
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I thought I had the latest custom build.......see attached......(excuse my reflection!)...


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BH is referring to Custom Firmware rather than the Standard Humax Firmware which is what your photo shows, NOTE that the Version numbers on your TV won't change if you have the Custom Firmware loaded, so from the picture it is not possible to tell if CF is loaded